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It's rightly said – “A Healthy Mind resides in a healthy body”!

As we approach World Health Day, let us pledge to keep our body healthy which is a pre-requisite for a happy life.

Let’s take the first step towards a healthy body and revive ourselves from within. Detoxification is the process that can help achieve this goal.

There is no better way than drinking your fruits and veggies to give your body a break and all the nourishment it needs. No, it isn’t always that boring as it sounds! Detox drinks are rich in antioxidants, neutralizers, vitamins and hydrating ingredients and are way tastier than they look. All you need to do is grab your Texet Nutri-Blender and get ready for some detox smoothies that will also satisfy your Taste-buds.

Detox Green Smoothie

Serves 1-2

2 cup spinach

½ cup pineapple

1 Banana

2 Celery stalks

1 Cup unsweetened almond milk

Mix all ingredients and puree in your Nutri-blender.


Belly Soothing Smoothie

Serves 1-2

1 tablespoon Honey

1 tablespoon Lime juice

1 cup papaya

1 cup coconut milk

Mix all ingredients and puree in your Nutri-blender.


Avocado Weight Loss & Detox Smoothie

Serves 1-2

½ Cup chopped avocado

2 cups Apple juice

1 Banana

¼ cup honey

2-3 cups ice cubes

Mix all ingredients in Texet Nutri-Blender and blend until smooth. Serve immediately

Include detox smoothies in your daily diet for tremendous health benefits. Keep experimenting with various combinations of fruits and veggies until you get the taste that you would like to drink often.