Texet LMA4-VX A4 Laminator
Texet LMA4-VX A4 Laminator
Texet LMA4-VX A4 Laminator
Texet LMA4-VX A4 Laminator
Texet LMA4-VX A4 Laminator
Texet LMA4-VX A4 Laminator
Texet LMA4-VX A4 Laminator
Texet LMA4-VX A4 Laminator

Texet LMA4-VX A4 Laminator

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Texet Portable Fully Automatic LMA4 - VX hot lamination Machine aids in laminating the documents that are crucial for you. The device is sturdy and is ergonomically designed to conveniently use from home, office, or anywhere. This Texet LMA4 - VX aids in securing your documents from everyday wear and tear by laminating and ensuring they are damaged and waterproof. Do you want to say not damaged and waterproof.

  • Portable, high-quality, bubble-free lamination: Say goodbye to bumpy lamination with LMA4 - VX portable lamination machine. With higher precision and efficiency, LMA4 - VX will ensure a premium quality output.
  • Compact, sturdy, and portable: LMA4 - VX is a lightweight laminator suitable for both home and office use and can be easily carried from one place to another.
  • Jam Release Functionality: LMA4 - VX is equipped with a jam-release button to release the rollers, in case of device jamming its document jamming
  • Quiet and Faster Operational Speeds: The LMA4 - VX lamination device is agile and quiet and flaunts faster warm-up and takes just 60-seconds to laminate.- make sure 60 sec is as per the specs
  • Areas of Utility: Ideal for laminating certificates, drawings, documents, sketches, computer prints, invitations, passport photos, calendars. Add pan card, license, and degrees as these are common keywords
  • Technical Requirements: LMA4 - VX uses a lamination film with a thickness of 250 microns and 234mm paper entry width.- check if it's inline with specs

Meet The Portable Laminator:

The durable, agile, and long-lasting portable A4 hot laminator can be your perfect choice to laminate and preserve all the necessary documents, certificates, drawings, sketches, computer prints, invitations, passport photos, calendars Add pan card, license and degrees. With the help of the jam-release button, you can easily un-jam the device- the jammed document. Texet LMA4 - VX is compact and can be carried anywhere. It’s fast and can laminate up to 25 cm per minute and can complete a small-mid-sized lamination within 60 seconds.- spec check required here

Unjam the Jammed:

Texet portable LMA4 - VX lamination machine comes with an anti-jamming feature. If the jammed pouch will not reverse out, turn off the power and gently press the ABS Jam button to pull it out. This jam-release button can clean the clogged device quickly and simply. Whenever the device stops operating further, this feature will allow you to recover your items safely.

Functional Features:

  • Preserve and protect the most important documents with high-quality lamination
  • Use a transparent lamination film of size 250micron (2x125mcn)"
  • Delivers premium quality A4 lamination and smaller sizes A5, A6
  • No more delays. LMA4 - VX warms up quickly 
  • LMA4 - VX comes with a lightening laminating speed and can laminate up to 25 cm/min 
  • 100-250 micron-sized lamination pouches with a width of 234 mm can be used in this lamination device
  • Comes with a quiet twin-roller feed mechanism, which makes it ideal for both home and office use

Mode of Operation:

  • Plug the laminator into a power source
  • Switch on the hot mode and wait for 3 to 5 minutes for the device to heat up- any indication of power supplied to the device? If yes, mention it here
  • Once the LED turns orange, place the paper centrally into the pouch alongside the pre-sealed edge
  • To start laminating, place the pre-sealed edge first into the laminator and wait until the rollers start rolling
  • After the pouch entirely moves through the device, take it off from the rear to complete the operation
  • Finally, turn off the laminator and switch off the power supply

Safety Precautions:

  • Don’t touch the top of the laminator while operating
  • Keep away your fingers, pins, or any clothing items from the laminator to avoid serious injury
  • Make sure to turn off the laminator switch before plugging on the power source
  • Don’t use cardboard pouches or metal objects in the laminator to avoid jamming
  • Never dismantle the laminator or the service parts inside
  • Unplug the laminator, when not using or while dusting

Clean It With Care:

Improve the efficiency of the device by cleaning it thoroughly. Clean the rollers periodically by inserting an A4 sheet into the device. This makes sure to flush out any of the lamination residues. For the best performance, repeat this process after every lamination cycle.

Net Contents: Machine and User Manual

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1. Made in - P.R.C.
2. Imported & Marketed By - Texet Technologies Private Ltd,
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3. Exported By - Hira House Ltd, Unit 5, 23/F, Shun Feng Int’l Centre,182 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong.
4. For Feedback or Complaints, Contact - Customer Care Manager at Texet Technologies Pvt Ltd., S.No.78/1, Baba
Khan Industrial Estate, Dangat Vasti, Shivne, Pune - 411023. Maharashtra.
Email - info@texet.co.in
Contact no - 9769465202

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