Texet A4 (LMA4-EX) laminator - TEXET
Texet A4 (LMA4-EX) laminator - TEXET
Texet A4 (LMA4-EX) laminator - TEXET

Texet A4 (LMA4-EX) laminator

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TEXET HOT and COLD A4 Laminator with Jam release button

The Texet LMA4-EX laminator offer professional quality laminating performance, which is perfect for your home and small offices. With this laminator, you can laminate your all your documents with faster speed that will make your work easier. You can even laminate ID card, letters or create a spill-proof recipe book, the possibilities are endless.



  • Jam-free release system, for removing misfed documents.
  • Compact design is ideal for home office/ small office use.
  • Single switch operation for convenience.
  • Temperature ready neon light indicates when the machine is ready for use.
  • Smooth and very quiet motor operation.
  • Max laminating speed - 60 sec / A4 sheet
  • Supports Hot & Cold lamination | Fast warm-up
  • Max pouch thickness - 250 microns (2 x 125 mcn)

Fast warm up

If you are looking for the most efficient laminator and the one that takes short time to warm up the machine, then Texet LMA4-EX is perfect for you. This laminator takes 3-5 minutes to warm up and then your machine is ready for laminating your documents.


Jam-Free Release System

Texet LMA4-EX have a jam-free release system, for removing misfed documents. Jam release button is helpful as it removed the jammed pouch for easy removal.


Maximum laminating speed and Attractive packaging

Texet LMA4-EX gives you maximum laminating speed. Now you can laminate your document in less than a minute.
Texet LMA4-EX comes with attractive packaging, which can also be a good gift idea.


Laminating Pouches

Works with TEXET Laminating pouches or any standard issue A4 Lamination pouch with up to 250-micron thickness (2x125).