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Boost Your Nutrition Intake - with Texet Nutri Blender

Fresh fruits and vegetable juices make a nutritious snack or breakfast, providing your body recommended daily nutrition. But do you know that blending fruits and vegetables has the same, or rather, greater health benefits?

Know the top 5 benefits you can potentially get if you are blending your food –

Nutrients are completely absorbed

Nutrients are preserved unlike being partially extracted during juicing. Blending uses pretty much the whole fruit and vegetable leaving no waste.

More balanced Blood Sugar

Blended food is rich in fibre that prevents sugar from entering your bloodstream too quickly, followed by a dip later on. It also helps in regulating blood sugar levels and in weight control.

Easy to digest

Blended food does not require any further digestion and hence the body can immediately absorb the essential nutrients and gain more energy making you feel lighter.

It’s quicker and easier

Preparing vegetables and fruits for juicing is a lengthy process. On the contrary, blending takes lesser time and is an easier process.

Replacement for Meal

Smoothies are a great meal replacement. Load it with good amount of protein and nutritional ingredients and you are full till your next meal.

So, if you are a health conscious person and still these reasons don’t convince you to have more of blended food, nothing really will!

However, if you really can’t afford to compromise with your health, bring home the most preferred Texet Nutri-Blender and give your body all the nutrition it requires.

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