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Why Juices have greater benefits than whole fruits!

Start your day with a natural energy boost!

Healthy, nutritious drinks are a secret to a fit body. Juices from fresh fruits and vegetables help boost immunity, lose weight, promote healthy and younger-looking skin, and increase your energy level. Drinking fresh-made juices is as good as receiving intravenous infusion of necessary mineral, vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients as it reaches straight to your system.

Texet Nutri-blender's new and unique extracting technology with 600 watt motor efficiently pulverizes seeds, stems and skin of a fruit or a vegetable to juice all the essential nutrients that helps your body effortlessly absorb and utilize them quickly.

With Texet Nutri-Blender you can juice a wide variety of vegetables and fruits that you probably may not enjoy eating whole. Moreover, its innovative design lets you use the blending jar for drinking your juice too. 

This Nutri-Blender is an ideal and easy way to guarantee that you attain your daily target of fruits and veggies! 

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