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Mechanical Gaming Keyboard- MK1

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard- MK1

Show your Enthusiasm with online gaming

Shift flamer is your true companion for all the typing needs. No matter whether you are a gamer looking for a precise tactile feel and accuracy or a professional looking for superior typing comfort, this keyboard will be your ideal companion. Made from really high-quality material for all round durability, this keyboard is build to withstand extra duress. Now forget worrying about your keyboard while you press the keys harshly as Shift flamer can take everything with ease.

100% Water Resistance Design

This keyboard does not mind splashes of water on its face. While you cannot expect it to keep working under water but be assured, any day to day water contact is not an issue for this keyboard. Just be sure to keep it upside down for an hour so that the water drains out when you have poured a litre of it.

100% Anti-Ghosting conflict free keys

Shift flamer comes with 100% Anti-Ghosting conflict free keys. Now enjoy full functionality of all the keys without any delay at all and never ever miss a key stroke. Hit any number of keys simultaneously and the output of all of them will be seen on your system. Enjoy the seamless gaming experience that you always wanted.

1) Incandescent Illumination with Multiple Lighting Effects | 87-key Anti-ghosting ensure each key press is correctly | Real Mechanical Switches for precise Keystrokes

2)Keystroke life: Up to 50 million times

Aviation Grade Aluminium Alloy Panel

Shift flamer is built from ultra high quality Aluminium alloy panel for extra durability and strength. This keyboard can easily bear mild to strong hits on the ground in case you get extra passionate while playing the game!