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Aluminium Anti-Skid Mouse pad

Aluminium Anti-Skid Mouse pad

Texet Aluminium Anti-Skid Mouse Pad is a  stylish addition to your workstation or a gaming station. The ultra durability comes naturally from the aluminium metal. If you spend time on your system and use mouse on a regular basis be it for work or play, this is a must addition to your collection.

Check out what our customers are saying.

Great product at great price. Very elegant and top quality.

Amazon Customer

Awesome product. very good finish and it also has a grip on the back side so it doesn't slip on the table. Overall happy with it.

Ajay Sahu

It is a really nice product. I bought it because hard pads are better than soft pads for gaming (better tracking). 

Laxmi Narayanan

It is slim and light. The base has rubber almost covering it whole leaving just the edges.Overall i am very happy with the product.


                               Limited Offer!

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                                    Offer Price: Rs. 1099/-

Texet Aluminium Anti-Skid Mouse Pad features a sleek design that particularly complements Macs, Macbooks and iMacs.

Slim and light makes it easy to carry. Classy and fashionable and harmonious with Macbook, computer and laptops.

It comes with skid-free Rubber Base to keep it in place, While browsing web or editing videos, it stays stable and offers protection from scratching the surface of the table. 

The Texet Anti- skid mouse pad is aluminium textured to provide you a perfect balance between speed &  control. Now enjoy working for long hours and playing for more hours as this mouse pad is built for extra rough use.

Aluminium surface is more convenient to clean or spill-proof and provide a hard flat surface that is perfect for working or internet surfing at anytime anywhere, such as sofa or your bed.

Product Specification-

1. Item Weight-522 g

2. Product Dimension- 31 x 24.2 x 0.6 cm

Texet Aluminium Anti-Skid Mouse Pad features a sleek design that particularly compliments Macs, Macbooks, iMacs. Enjoy working for long hours & playing for even more hours as this mouse pad is built for extra rough use.

Limited Offer! Be sure to grab the best price before we run out of stock.

Aluminium Anti-Skid Mouse Pad

Offer Price: Rs. 1099/-

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