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TEXET LPST-001B Wooden Tilt Laptop Stand (White Birch)

Rs. 2,399.00 Rs. 7,999.00

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Texet Wooden Tilt Laptop Stand

Texet brings to you a revolutionary design to enrich your working experience for ever! This beautiful tilt stand with wooden finish can be used for any laptop - Macbook or Windows - for screen sizes varying from 11 inches to 16 inches. This laptop stand surely is a fascinating addition to your work desk that not just looks great but also comes in with numerous advantages that makes it a must have.

Texet Laptop Tilt Stand
Product Description-

1) Can prevent Cervical Spine Disease | Reduces Back, Neck & Shoulder Strain/Pain by raising laptop screen at eye level.

2) Helps you to work continuously for long hours comfortably | Compatible with all Laptops | Advanced Ergonomics.

3) Hand made & Biodegradable wooden stand with Vegetable based Oil Finishing | Supports upto 100 kg load

4) Item Height- 29.2 Centimeters

5) Item Width- 15.2 Centimeters

6) Item Weight- 1.9 Kg

7) Product Dimensions- 52.1 x 15.2 x 29.2 cm

Advanced Ultra Ergonomic Design

The laptop stand comes with a unique tilt angled-design to bring your laptop to the optimised eye-level. This enhances drastically your concentration on screen and your seating duration. The tilt angled-design also has been designed to aid comfortable hand support while your fingers can reach all the keys of your keyboard with utmost ease. 

Long Working Hours. Guaranteed.

The unique design keeps you actively working on your desk for long hours. You can use it easily at your home or at your work space in office. It can easily be carried from one place to another owing to its ultra light weight. The wooden laptop tilt stand fits your work space at your home or in your office as it easily matches your devices and equipments on your table.

No More Back Pain, Shoulder pain and Neck Pain

The tilt laptop design aids in preventing back pain that can be caused by overwworking while sitting in wrong posture. The ergonomic design aids in maitaining your right posture and hence can prevent back pain.
With uneven posture comes shoulder pain that can affect your work severely. Use of tilt laptop stand can prevent shoulder pain as it corrects your posture upright.
The right posture that is enabled while you work with your laptop rightly placed on the tilt stand can help you reduce neck pain and even prevent Cervical Spine Disease