Time Tutelary KA015BLK Dual Watch Winder | Colour - Balck - TEXET

Time Tutelary KA015BLK Dual Watch Winder | Colour - Balck

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Introducing a vertical design dual watch winder for your pair of automatic watches. Featuring an adjustable watch cushion that lets your watch comfortable and a silent motor you can trust. Ideal watch storage for people who don't wear their kinetic (movement powered) watches each day but wants them ready to wear. Matt silver and black exterior finish add star to its beauty. A lightweight plastic casing with a magnetic lock door gives this watch winder a modish appearance.

Product Description :

Time Tuelary KA015BLK has 4 timer options that keep luxury watches fully wound and charged when not in use, extending the life of your watch.

For anyone who does not wear their kinetic (movement powered) watch every day (or has more than one), watch winders are perfect for storing a watch.

A watch winder will hold one or more watches and move them in circular patterns to mimic the human motion to keep the self-winding mechanism working. The gentle rotation keeps the watch wound and ready to wear.

A kinetic watch should be kept wound and running as much as possible to prevent its lubricants from congealing over time, which diminishes their accuracy and damages the watch.

This is a black and silver two watch winder for two watches with black interior and quality Japanese motor with very quiet operation. Constructed from a lightweight plastic casing with a magnetic lock door and polycarbonate portal style windows this winder has a distinctively modern appearance.

Winding functions :

Clockwise, auto (bi-directional), anti clockwise - operated by button switch

Mode A: Rotate 5 minutes, rest 79 minutes & then repeat

Mode B: Rotate 5 minutes, rest 56 minutes & then repeat

Mode C: Rotate 5 minutes, rest 41 minutes & then repeat

Mode D: Rotate 5 minutes, rest 32 minutes & then repeat