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A4 Laminators for home & office use

Rs. 1,599.00 Rs. 2,999.00

A versatile laminator for all the daily needs

The TEXET LMA4 laminator is the perfect companion for all your daily lamination needs. Whether you need to preserve those photo memories or take care of the utter important documents, it covers all. You can even laminate ID cards, letters or create a spill proof recipe book for your kitchen, the possibilities are endless. 


Quick Warming Feature

The machine primes itself in under a minute with its efficient quick warming feature, afterall who wants to wait for ages in these fast times. 

Shockproof Build Quality

The machine is made out of ABS plastic which is known for its weather proof capabilities. The lust matt finish will never fade and its easy to clean. Just wipe a damp cloth and its as good as new. 
The best part is that it is shockproof so its safe around every age group. 
High quality power cable with earthing, compliant with stringent European standards. 
Attractive packaging, can also be a good gift idea. 1 year replacement warranty provided. 
Works with TEXET Laminating pouches or any standard issue A4 Lamination pouch with upto 160 micron thickness(80x2)